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Duke Neuroproteomics Lab

Welcome to the Duke Neuroproteomics Lab's home on the Internet. You can take a virtual tour of our lab, learn more about our members, or get contact information.

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Contact Information

Physical Address:
258 Bryan Research Building
Durham, NC

Phone Number:
(919) 681-5835

Fax Number:
(919) 668-0631


Mailing Address:
258 Bryan Research Building
Research Drive, DUMC Box 3209
Durham, NC 27710

Lab Members

Lead Scientist: Oscar Alzate, Ph. D.
Assistant Research Professor in Neurobiology

Lab Technician: Mike Herbstreith
Lab Technician: Cristina Osorio

Undergraduate Students

Bob Buechler
Lucy Coassin

Visiting Scientists

John Bustamante, MD, Ph.D
Alvaro Mauricio Florez Escobar, Ph.D